GVWR/GCWR 14,500/20,500 lbs.

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NPR HD Crew Cab gas


14,500/20,500 lbs.

GMPT L96 (Gen IV) V8 Vortec 6000 (Optional: KL8-Alternative Fuel Capable Engine) - 6.0L

372 lb.-ft. @ 4,000 rpm

297hp @ 4,300 rpm

6L90 6-speed auto. with double overdrive and lock-up converter

8,442-8,503 lbs.

Vacuum/Hydraulic with 4-Channel ABS Disc/Drum

Tapered/Multi-Leaf 8,440/12,900 lbs.

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There are over 200 truck body types that can be combined with our Isuzu trucks. We will find the truck body that suits your needs at a wholesale price. Here are some examples of truck bodies that Isuzu Trucks Anjou and Isuzu Trucks Montreal West can offer you:

Refrigerated Trucks
Commercial uses: fruits and vegetable, milk products, meat, pharmaceutical products, drinks, frozen products

Utility truck
Commercial uses: municipalities, service trucks, emergency vehicles, telecommunications, gas distributor companies, electricians

Aerial lift
Commercial uses: electricians, municipalities, advertising company, telecommunications

Dump Truck
Commercial uses: construction, excavation, paving company, roofing, municipalities, snow removal, landscaping

Dry Vans - Van Body
Commercial uses: delivery, moving, general transportation, service unit, doors and windows, truck rental, construction, municipalities

Crew cab dump body
Commercial uses: construction, excavation, paving company, roofing, municipalities, snow removal, landscaping

Carpet Cleaner
Commercial uses: after disaster cleaning, carpet cleaners

Commercial uses: garbage, recycling, hazardous waste, multiapplications, flatbed, container rentals

Commercial uses: municipalities, street sweeping

Spake Body
Commercial uses: construction materials, renovation stores, general transportation, sewer and aqueducts, manufacturers

Refuse Truck
Commercial uses: garbage, recycling, municipalities

Towing Truck
Commercial uses: towing, auto scrap yard, wheelchair transportation, material transporation, equipment rental company


Isuzu Moving Trucks

N-Series - NRR and NQR Truck models

When looking for a moving truck for sale, it is important to find a reliable and durable truck.
The NRR is a heavy-duty truck engineered to help minimize operating costs. The new removable front panel gives you easy access to the electrical cab connections and air intake filters, which makes maintenance check-ups easier and faster.

Another model of moving truck ideal for your business is the NQR series. Its impressive load-carrying capacity is matched with its exceptional maneuverability. The NQR series also offers Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) for enhancing braking control no matter the load which is practical for moving in the city.

The Crew Cabs are characterized for their ability to accommodate up to a 7-person crew, which is ideal for a moving crew. The front seats have the seatbelt buckle integrated right into the seat, making it easier to buckle-up, while reducing wear and tear.


Isuzu Utility Trucks

N-Series - NQR and NPR-HD/NQR

If you are looking for a utility truck for your construction material, the Isuzu N-Series trucks are all about choices – We've come up with the NQR truck and the diesel fueled NPR-HD/NQR Crew Cab for all your construction needs.

In order to support the weight of heavy construction materials, the Isuzu N-series trucks are equipped with powerful and efficient 4HK1-TC engine. All NPR-HD, NQR and NRR trucks have 5.2-liter turbo diesel engines which generate more horsepower and lower emissions while delivering better fuel economy.

Aisin six-speed automatic transmission. On every Isuzu diesel N-Series truck is an Aisin heavy-duty six-speed automatic transmission with PTO capability, engineered to work with the Isuzu diesel engine to achieve optimal performance and economy.

The NQR is designed to handle heavy loads. Plus we offer a six-speed double overdrive automatic transmission that’s smooth shifting and helps optimize fuel economy. It is also equipped with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) for enhanced braking control no matter the load.

Choice of Standard Cab and Crew Cab models. In addition to the familiar Standard Cab configuration, Isuzu diesel NPR-HD and NQR trucks are available as spacious Crew Cab models, offering GVWRs of 14,500 and 17,950 lbs. and wheelbases of 150 and 176 inches.

Best-in-class maneuverability. Curb to curb or wall to wall, Isuzu trucks are the most maneuverable in their class – and are far more nimble than any conventional truck.


Pest Control Trucks

N-Series - NPR et NPR-HD Trucks

The NPR/NPR-HD diesel trucks are up to the task for even for the most complicated pest control jobs. Due to its large cargo capacity, you can set out for a full day’s work with ample supplies. Their low cab forward design provides maximum available chassis length to meet the exact requirements of your equipment and supplies, all while providing excellent forward and side visibility, which makes maneuvering in tight quarters easy.

More agile than ever. With an increased wheel-cut angle, every Isuzu diesel N-Series truck has a tighter turning circle. They’re the most maneuverable N-Series trucks ever.

In 2013, Isuzu diesel N-Series trucks attained new levels of agility over earlier generation trucks. A modified power steering system allows for wheel-cut angles up to 49.5 degrees. As a result, NQR and NRR drivers will enjoy an average 1.2-foot tighter turning diameter, while NPR models’ turning diameter improves by 2.8 feet.


Tow Trucks

N-Series - NRR Trucks

Towing is a tough job that requires a tough truck like in our NRR series.  The low cab forward design provides excellent cargo capacity without adding to the electrical cab length of the vehicle. There’s a new removable front panel for easy access to the electrical cab connections and the air intake filters for easier servicing, making your job as hassle-free as possible.

At Isuzu, we realize that a tow truck must have “heavy duty” capacity and that’s reflected in every aspect of the NRR. A dedication to durability. Every Isuzu N-Series truck is a real truck, with real commercial vehicle capability. Our strength begins with our frame, a full-length ladder-type, channel-section frame made of heat-treated carbon-manganese low-alloy steel.

The construction of our Hexapod cab includes the extensive use of galvanized steel panels, electrodeposited primer and polyester melamine paint for full protection against corrosion. Undercoating in the wheel wells guards the cab from road spray and rock chipping.

Perfectly designed for your tow truck needs, each N-Series Isuzu truck can accommodate three passengers with enough space for the head, legs and shoulders. The Crew Cab models can accommodate four additional passengers in the back.

In the center of the front seat is a folding plate which transforms into a practical working area for the driver. Pockets in the doors and rear seats provide storage for documents.


Refrigerated trucks for food services

N-Series - NPR/NPR-HD Trucks

Need a versatile refrigerated truck? Nothing is safer! These Isuzu N-Series NPR/NPR-HD diesel trucks are ready for anything. Their durability and outstanding performance make them the perfect choice for any vocation in the food industry.

The stainless steel exhaust features a particulate filter, muffler and exhaust gas cooler to meet 2012 emission requirements. Add that to the ergonomic cab design and these N-Series trucks could be your most profitable business tool.

Low-cab-forward design. No conventional truck, pickup or cutaway can give you the advantages of the Isuzu low-cab-forward design:

  • More cargo space within a given overall length
  • Tighter turning diameters
  • Easy access to the engine through the full 45 degrees tilt-cab function that allows quicker service
  • Easier entry and exit
  • Better visibility

Isuzu diesel N-Series trucks, with wheelbases from 109 to 212 inches, can accommodate bodies ranging from 10 to 24 feet in length. That means there’s an Isuzu truck for virtually any medium-duty need.

Multi-information Display. Nestled in the instrument cluster of every Isuzu diesel N-Series truck is the Multi-information Display (MID), a new means of monitoring vehicle performance and reducing maintenance costs and downtime. Isuzu is the first in its class to offer an MID that alerts drivers to conditions far beyond the scope of typical gauges and warning lights. With the touch of a button, the MID alerts drivers to the status of over a dozen functions:

  • Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) level
  • Particulate matter emissions level
  • Estimated remaining life, in mileage, of engine, transmission, differential and steering oil, and engine oil and fuel filters
  • Fuel economy (average, instant and by trip)

Armed with this information, Isuzu drivers can adapt their driving habits to reduce fuel consumption and emissions and improve overall performance. What could be better suited to your food industry?

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